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3 Months Journey to Success


 Creating effective newsletters in a short amount of time is important in order to stay on schedule with sending your emails. 

Planning the Year: 

With this program, we will work together to create which email and the best date to send it out for every month of the year.     

Creation of your E-mails:

We will go to work and create the first 3 emails together.  

You will learn the creation process from start to finish.  

1.    Gathering ideas for each email

2.    When to provide opportunities to sign up for your programs and when to offer helpful information.   

3.    How to offer what your audience needs.

4.    When to share about you and teach what you do.

At the end of the 3 months program, you will have a plan to follow for your future emails, the confidence to start and finish eye-catching and effective emails.

You will also get:  

•    Customized Template that matches your website.

•    Upload of your list of contacts 

•    Detailed training on how to use your Constant Contact Template

•    Invitation to join our private  Facebook Group page.  Here you will get answers to your questions and new information.  

The marketing part of a business can be daunting especially for Healers and Coaches.  Time is one of your most important assets, don't give it away by trying to figure it out on your own.