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Passionate Healer and E-mail Marketing Expert



Hello, my name is Zoya Bokhoor-Mills. I have been a Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Coach since 2012 and have been using Constant Contact E-mail Marketing services to expand my practice.

After completing my certification as a "From Heartbreak to Happiness" coach, ready to go out and help people going through grief, I realized that my limited knowledge of marketing was no match to what was needed to attract  my ideal clients. 

I spent the first few years going to different marketing classes, seminars and spoke with successful business owners to get ideas on how to market my "business". 



What I learned from my years of studies and research was that their way of marketing did not match with what I needed. 

I had trouble calling what I do a "business".  What I do as a coach and an energy healer is who I am.  When I work with my clients, I share who I am and all my experiences that have brought to this wonderful path in my life.  


What started to become clear was that the first step toward reaching my ideal clients was educating them.  This education must be heart-centered and come from the intuitive side of me not my mind.  That opened up a new way to reach my audience.  After all I wasn't selling shoes, right?

I created a heart-based way of marketing using Constant Contact programs through trials and errors.  Along the way I helped my peer coaches to successfully create their way of sharing their message using Email Marketing. 

Now I am super excited to share my knowledge with you and help you reach out to those who need you the most.

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